Windsor, Your Complete Solution for Starting a Business

Windsor, Your Complete Solution for Starting a Business

Starting a business is a major dream of many people. But for some reasons, it is left as just a dream, not reality. But with Windsor corporate services, make your dream come true in the easiest and quickest way possible. Whatever your needs are, from formation of corporations, limited liability companies or any other kinds of service, just wait for twenty four hours and get your job done.

The services provided

  • New York Corporation formation: choose from the packages provided from standard package or ultimate package to form a corporation in New York and help your business requirements. It is a legal organization that is different from individual owners. What makes them unique is the advantage of its everlasting duration, limited liability as well as very easy and convenient transfer of interest.
  • New York LLC: limited liability company in New York is a great option to start a business. It allows pass through taxation and limit in liability at the same time. Complete protection of owners from the debts created by company is provided. It is great support in times when the business fall out to protect the owner’s personal asset. You can choose from standard as well as ultimate package depending on your needs.
  • Form a corporation: a very common business structure is C Corporation that is formed at the state level owned by shareholder or any number of shareholders. Deducted employee benefit is a major advantage. Here also Windsor provide you with standard and ultimate packages which cost you about thirty five dollar and 299 dollar respectively.
  • LLC Formation: not just in New York, but stat a limited liability company at over fifty states with Windsor.
  • Retrieval of documents: for services like opening bank account, for applying a loan etc. owners must have legal documents. Certified as well as plain copies of documents can be obtained from here. Also it is very important as legal proceedings from government side always demand for certification of trusted public official.
  • Corporate and LLC kit: get this kit to have a complete tools required to have a smooth and easy way in the process of LLC formation. Get a binder to store documents, perfect minutes and bylaws and even your customized seal. It is quick and convenient at the same time.
  • Good standing certificate: issued by the government agency where your company is registered, it is of great importance. It verifies the existence of the company, whether it’s following rules and regulations of the state, the authorization etc. a certification guaranteeing that you have done all the paper works and paid all the fees as well.
  • Order form of LLC publication: for public information, in state like New York, it is a compulsory to announce the formation of LLC in printed media. And Windsor being very familiar with county clerks and newspapers, who else can assist to more?

So for very accurate, trusted and reliable service which is efficient, quick and error free, trust nothing but Windsor corporate services. Be risk-free and on a safer side with Windsor.

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