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It is not enough to have an active internet presence in today’s digital age. To maximize your business potential, and attract readers, viewers and potential customers, you have to have a functional, easy-to-use, interactive and optimized website. Unfortunately, because of the influx of businesses, the internet is swarming with lousy website designs. The worst part is, even if developers and business owners are aware of this problem, they continue to contribute to the problem and don’t do anything to stop this dilemma.

I think it’s time we should do something and end lousy website proliferation, once and for all.

In this article, we will talk about how developers, clients and business owners still do this trend of building and owning poor-quality websites, as well as teach you new web designs in 2018 that can help end the cycle of “good-looking, no substance” websites.

Clients and business owners

Most people who want’s to own a website for their business have unrealistic expectations when it comes to sites. This kind of mentality is expected to fail before they can even begin the design process. The bad news is, most clients don’t have any knowledge about web design, its functions and what it can do for their business. They don’t know the value of going beyond esthetic to their websites. Most business owners believe that as long as the site looks good and stays online, it will reach the target market that they are looking for. That’s not how web design works. To get the best result, the site should offer an engaging user experience. Visual design is also critical, but to maximize your website’s profit and success, it should provide more than excellent graphics. The developer should at least work hard creating a sophisticated structure for both the SEO and site functionality that should be tested and developed before posting it on the internet. That’s where the real work starts. The website’s design and functionality depend on two things, the client’s budget and the developer’s skill, or the client don’t have the right budget to hire quality designers. You can look at web design by Charlotte SEO if you want a quality site at an affordable price. Remember, when promoting a website or a brand, you get what you pay for. Well-Thought web design is worth the investment.

Web Developers

Clients or business owners aren’t the only ones to blame here. Developers also contribute to the proliferation of inadequate, ineffective and poorly-designed websites on the internet. It starts with the treatment of digital marketing features as non-relevant when offering a package to the clients. Developers should know that this is 2018, they should up their game and set the bar high on web design standards. Avoid making a one-dimensional static site that looks like a Powerpoint presentation rather than a business website. For clients, you should avoid hiring developers that only know how to make one-dimensional, non-functional sites. A functional website should have all the necessary digital marketing functions that will make your site active and can give the best user experience not only to the site owners but most especially their target market.


For developers, we all know that the client will always have to say when it comes to their website. But you should also stand firm on making a quality. Instead of just succumbing to their requests, educate them on the benefits of having a highly-functional webpage. Learn how to say no to projects that you see as low-quality, cheap and crummy. It is better to refuse a client than lose future clients that see your cheap designs.

Here are the list of actionable plans you can implement to raise your bar high when making a site.

Fast-loading website

A fast-loading webpage is very important. It should load fast, whatever device they use. You can use a Google software called Pagespeed Insight or you can use Pingdom to check the site’s speed and see how you can improve the website.

It should be mobile ready

Almost everyone is using a mobile phone when surfing the internet. Create a mobile-friendly and engaging design that they can access wherever they are and whenever they want.

Tracking Enabled

In this digital age, analytics matter. It is the best way to know how your website fares with its competitors. The outcome of your project should include functionality that can gauge traffic, conversions and client goals.

SEO ready

SEO is one of the most powerful tools to market a website. The site should have a compelling, readable content and easy-to-use functions for the viewers. Always include essential SEO functions such as schema, XML Sitemaps and on-page SEO tags.

(Visit to know more about XML Sitemaps and its on-page functions.)

Social Media

Everything is on social media, so don’t miss the opportunity to use the features and power of social media. You should integrate critical social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Reddit to your website. Make sure viewers can access your social media site easily.

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