The World has So Much to Offer to the Daredevils: Some Adventure Sports For You

Some people are crazy about the fun and frolic which the world has, to offer and are always on a hunt to discover the unfathomable depths of this obscure world. Elate your hearts out with some of the coolest things, the earth has to offer. Shell out of your houses and get set for some adventure, pertaining in the nooks of this huge world, After all, it is well said, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Whenever one thinks of visiting and touring outside India, they can think of nothing but the most common Dubai. This is quite evident from the myriad of bookings to Dubai. There are tour packages from all major cities of India, like the Hyderabad to Dubai tour packages are quite ubiquitous. True indeed, Dubai has so much to astound upon, but some of the greatest adventures lie in these places. Have a look.

Ever got the courage to confront the world’s largest animals? Swim along with the whales in the deep waters of Sri Lanka. If you have got strong feet and an ounce of will and dare to swim with the beast, come to Sri Lanka and dive with the whales. Experience the most serene and pacifying swim of your lifetime in the clear blue waters of Sri Lanka.

Go trekking your way up to the rarest trotted mountain ranges of the world, the Pamirs Mountains in Tajikistan. This trek is only for the brave hearted who dare to walk alone and get lost amidst the snowy thick of the mountains. Experience this adventure, at least  once in your lifetime, if you have got the nerve.

Have a mesmerizing glimpse of the city of Rio De Janeiro from one of the seven wonders of the world, statue of Christ the Redeemer. A huge flock of people come here to witness the statue. Be one of them and amaze yourself with wonder!

Have a grand visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, America. Again, one of the seven wonders of the world, a natural wonder infact, is exquisitely created by the Colorado river and its tributaries. Visit this masterpiece of nature and come back astounded at this quintessential beauty.

Run with the wild, with Dog Mushing in Canada. We have all seen it on Discovery Channel, the wild snow dogs sledging their way across the snowy landscape in Canada. How about experiencing it alive? Try this sport and give your adrenaline a never before experienced rush. Bow Bow!

Be a part of the world’s biggest food fight, La Tomatina in Bunol in Spain. This tomato festival needs no introduction, does it? Enjoy with your friends, squeezing and playing and dancing amidst tons of ripe tomatoes, drowning the streets of the place. Go tomato saucy and drenched in the tomatoes, and elate yourselves to the utmost. This festival happens in August. So, plan accordingly.

Vaadhoo Islands in Maldives illuminate with the phytoplankton in the sea, every night. Experience the mesmerizing view of the island, when the heaven appears to have landed on the earth, like a bright starry night. Get ready to be enthralled and enchanted.

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