Quick and Effective Workouts for Women

Quick and Effective Workouts for Women

Time is the ultimate excuse and ultimate hurdle for let it be. The jam-packed schedule have the capability to derail the best organizer among us. Lucky few are able to perform the whole life overhauls and making room for the fitness. However, the rest of us does not require cutting down the exercise from our calendars. We require doing more with less.

If you are not sure how that can be done then follow some of the fittest people in this industry and they will guide you in a better way. We have share the most effective and their favourite less than 20 minutes workouts for you. This are EAS athletes, trainers like Jason Wittrock, Annie Parker and various other competitors.

Keep no doubt just because that these workouts are shorter. It does not mean that this is easy. In fact, this are the most intense workouts, which can be done for the week. If you are not short on time and just require pushing the intensity of your gym routine up to the notch then this are great routines, which can be kept back in your pocket.

Kindly note that proper workout clothes for women and gym workouts for women are required for doing the below given exercise.

Bodyweight Combo and Fat Blasting Cardio

The Parkers favourite techniques for intensity boosting is the alternate to the cardio machine, which is having the bodyweight moves. This combo are targeting the calories and it is sending the serious message of getting stronger to the targeted body parts. Main point is working out smarter and not longer. Parker is saying that focus mainly on keeping the intensity high and overall hit the few different areas of muscle.

The best part in this particular session is that it does not require keeping the eye on multiple pieces of the equipment. Jump off from the cardio machine of your choice and perform after each interval for bodyweight exercising.

This workout can be done on any of the cardio machine but if you are using the bike, elliptical or rowing machine then you need to adjust the speed and the resistance.

Cardio and Bodyweight Combo Workout

The below given exercise can be done as a warm up as below:

  • Incline walking for 2 minutes
  • Jump Squat for 20 reps
  • Running for 2 min
  • Push-up 20 reps
  • Lying Leg Raise 20 reps
  • Cool down walking for 2 minutes

HIIT Resistance Protocal

Parker are not just doing cardio on the machines but she also knows very well how to go in the women weight room. First, wear proper workout clothes for women and the gym clothes for women. Whenever she is short on time then she is bringing her jump rope and start performing what she knows as cardio acceleration. In this, you would be keep moving instead of resting between the sets of resistance exercise.

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