Pune – The holiday destination in Maharashtra that never disappoints

Alcohol induced sleep from drinking too much alcohol is something you can afford or can do in Goa on a regular basis, but if you do that in Pune, you will be ruining your whole trip as there is so much to see and do in this city! The article talks about how you should look forward to your trip to Pune.

The two cities in Maharashtra – Pune and Mumbai, both with their own particular appeal, both offering the guests an alternate affair and both giving the guests different special motivations to love them. Mumbai is occupied, colossal and confused, while Pune is calmer and somewhat quieter. Mumbai is very created and no city can coordinate up to the level of modernization it has accomplished up to this point. Be that as it may, one thing is for sure – both urban areas make for an awesome occasion destination. In the event that you are searching for a more settled methodology, you should pick Pune. You can book a Pune to Shirdi taxi incase you need a more calming experience, or visit some of these places instead, which are much closer in comparison to Shirdi.


This is the nearest you can take off to outside Pune for a decent getaway or picnic. This flawless spot is likewise home to an extensive number of temples and is a decent place to take your family and children out to incase you are going to Pune with the entire family.


Lonavala is the most well known weekend getaway for individuals living in Pune and Mumbai. It takes about only an hour to reach this exquisite hill station from Pune. Compose a decent picnic and head on with your companions or just request some takeaways and purchase some liquor along the best approach to home base with your companions. The all-encompassing perspective of the whole scenery from a high viewpoint makes for a stunning sight.

Khandala hills

One of the best hill resort destinations in Maharashtra, the excellent Khandala hills is one place even the Mumbaikars can’t avoid to visit once in for a little while. Lay out the floor tangle and appreciate a generous feast as you watch the lavish greeneries spread over the hills and woods before your eyes.

Sinhagad Fort

Lying at a separation of pretty much 25 km from the fundamental Pune city, the Sinhagad Fort is a standout amongst the most wonderful spots you can discover in Pune. The entire design of the stronghold and its encompassing complex is lovely and the greeneries and blossoms set a wonderful vibe for a flawless day out.

Aside from these spots, you can investigate and find a couple of more places in and around the city to home base. The youths of the town will know best as they go through each alcove and corner to locate a wonderful open space they can sit and drink while chomping on a few snacks and takeaways they got along the way.

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