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According to 2015 of more than 4,000 designers, 64% of artists still prefer paper and pencil to begin the creative brainstorming process. That’s not something so astonishing; paper is always accessible and delivers simplicity. In addition, pen on paper has been the actual traditional and used platform in which aspiring artists are educated from the beginning, making it easier to generate ideas naturally and freshly. Despite this, most corporations continue to pay for digital art and drawing. Major names continue to develop database and applications to increase speed and enhance performance while on the go. Are the aims to bring digital deeper into the artistic workflow all in vain? The answer is NO!

Digital will never be a paper killer, yet hardware and apps featuring the latest technology are closing in the gaps with undeniable benefits in creativity, efficiency, and accessibility.

What Are Its Main Ideas?

At its emergence, digital art marked a relationship between scientists/engineers and artists, which explored the connections between technology and art. As artists began to explore these technologies, they weren’t merely using the new channel, yet were oftentimes also requesting spectators to reflect upon the impact of the information age on society overall. Digital art greatly widened the artist’s materials from the traditional raw supplies into the progressive new realm of electronic technologies. Instead of brushes and acrylic paints, they can now paint with light, pixels, and sounds. Instead of paper, they could collage with found digital imagery or computer-generated photographs. Instead of two-dimensional sheets, artists can create two-dimensional graphics works for projection on the screen or via multimedia projection.

Digital art changed the way art could be created, viewed, and posted. Even though some digital art shifts heavily towards the traditional gallery or museum venue for viewing, especially in the case of installations that demand intricate machinery and components, much of it may be easily transported and seen via the computer, social media, internet, and television. This has inspired artists to create their own careers without the necessity of presentation, potential to go viral to spread their art into the mainstream consciousness, or utilizing contemporary materials such as crowdsourcing to fund their works.

Advantages of Digital Art from a Software Development Company.

Digital Will Never Be a Paper Killer.

The benefit of drawing with mobile apps is you could sketch your mock-up virtually and have that work turned into a usable In Design, Illustrator, and Photoshop file. Adobe Comp emulates the iterative process of paper and saves time thru eliminating the need to recreate work from scratch on the desktop.

Enabling a New Medium.

Interest in drawing on mobile devices is rising. That excitement is not misplaced! With the fast-paced development of modern pens, digital apps, and improved hardware, artists are inspired to create a new channel of digital art in which natural media could be realistically simulated – including the aesthetics of oil, pastels, and watercolors on sheets.

Access to Endless Materials Anywhere.

Inspiration doesn’t only happen in front of a computer or canvas. In fact, a study found out that distraction is actually the key element for creativity – it’s more likely that your brilliant idea will occur when you’re not inside your studio.

Start learning more about digital art to reap Software Development Company  benefits!

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