How to make anti-mosquito citronella candles.

How to make anti-mosquito citronella candles.

One of the mosquito sails that you can do at home and that are more effective against the aggression of these insects are those of citronella, a plant whose aroma acts as a natural repellent of this pest. The uses of citronella as an anti-mosquito method is well known and, in fact, if you look you will see that in many pharmaceutical products that are mosquito repellents also contain citronella as one of its ingredients.

Why is citronella an anti-mosquito?

You can make anti-mosquito candles with citronella because this plant is one of the best natural repellents for the aggression of these insects. But why? Basically because the aroma that comes off is not liked by many animals, including mosquitoes, and therefore, increasing its fragrance in your home will keep at bay the entry of these insects.

The aroma of citronella is characterized by being very intense and penetrating, also has a citrus air that acts as a repellent of these mosquitoes as well as flies. In addition, its intensity is such that it can hide other aromas that may be in your home and that may attract these insects.

There are many ways to take advantage of the properties of citronella to repel mosquitoes, such as having a plant at home, using a homemade air freshener with its aroma, and so on. But, next, we are going to discover how to make anti-mosquito candles from citronella because it is one of the most effective methods that exist.

Citronella candle to scare away mosquitoes

We began to discover how to make citronella anti-mosquito candles talking about one of the simplest and most habitual ways to do it. For this, you will have to gather the following materials:

  • 400 grams of 100% vegetable flaked wax
  • A pile of fresh citronella leaves
  • Crystal glass
  • 15 cm of fine waxed wick
  • Guide rod for wicks

We started making this homemade candle by putting the wax to heat in a pan in the water bath;when we see that it is completely melted, then it is time to incorporate the citronella and mix everything so that the aroma of this plant begins to detach from its leaves.

At 4 or 5 minutes it is time to pour the contents into the glass that we have chosen for the occasion and let the wax with citronella solidify. But we must not let the process finish completely but, before it is completely solid, we will have to put the rod in the center because, well, we will have marked the area where we will put the wick.

Before the wax dries completely, we will have to insert the wick into the hole we have made with the rod and cut with a pair of scissors everything left over from the wick, so that it is at a height of 3 or 4 millimeters.

We let this anti-mosquito citronella candle cool completely and that’s it! Now you can use it in both indoor and outdoor spaces and enjoy a natural barrier for mosquitoes.

Candles with citronella essential oil

Another of the best ways you have to make citronella anti-mosquito candles is using the essential oil of this plant instead of the natural leaves, as we have done in the previous point. To make this other type of homemade candle you will need the following materials:

  • 56º paraffin for making candles
  • Citronella Essence
  • Coloring to make candles
  • Fine wick to make candles
  • Rod to make the wick guide
  • Aluminum can or glass, as you prefer!

This craft is perfect to do with the little ones, but always under the supervision of an adult because we use materials at high temperatures. To make this anti-mosquito candle we will start by heating the paraffin to the water bath; when it has become liquid, then we will remove it from the fire to pour it into a container or a glass.

Now let’s add a touch of color to the candle. For this, we will use the dye we have bought and we will pour 3 or 4 drops of it into the liquid paraffin we have. We will remove to allow all the color pigments to penetrate well in all the material.

The next step is to add the essence of citronella, the ideal is that you use 5 or 6 drops, no more, because the paraffin accepts up to 3% essence. We remove again so that all the ingredients are completely integrated.

Next, we will pour the mixture into the can or the glass vessel where we want to create the candle; In this step is when we will have to be more careful because the paraffin will be very hot and can get to burn you.

Now, we just have to insert the rod to make the necessary hole where we put the wick. When we have it, we will have to introduce it and cut everything that leaves about 2 or 3 mm. Let it dry … and you have your anti-mosquito candle!

Other tricks to make your anti-mosquito candles

Now that you know the two best ways to make your homemade citronella candles, then we will discover some tricks so you can fully enjoy this craft. Attentive!

  • Make them last longer: you can make the candles last longer with different tricks. One of the most popular is that, before using them for the first time, the goals in the freezer for a while. With this we achieve that it does not lose the humidity and that, thus, it lasts for more time.
  • Avoid staining tablecloths or furniture: one of the main problems of using candles at home is that they can get to wax the tablecloths or furniture and leave a very unpleasant mark of dirt. To avoid this, we recommend that you place an absorbent paper on the wax and solved!
  • Decorate your candle to be more beautiful: if you want to give a more cheerful and lively to your craft, nothing better to use candle dye (as we used in the second recipe). You can also choose to decorate the glass or the can where you insert the candle so that you can give it your special touch. In this other article we discover more ideas so you know how to make candle holders with cans.

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