Home Tuition or Group Tuition, Which one is better for Your Child?

Home Tuition

To stay away from any perplexity, let me attempt to characterize what group tuition and home tuition is.

Group tuition takes place in the tutor’s private home and consists of only 2-3students. Whereas, 1 to 1 home tuition consist of only the student and the tutor. Let of all let us look at some of the advantages between home tuition and group tuition:

Advantages of Home Tuition:

  • Student are able to receive personal attention by the private tutors; therefore allowing the tutor to know the weak points of the child and pin-point the mistakes and advise the child on how to score good grades in the exam.
  • The student feels comfortable to aska lot of questions and better acquainted to the private tutor compared to group tuition where he generally feels shy to ask questions.
  • Home Tuition is generally better for school and graduating students who have only a few months left to prepare for their final exams.

Advantages of Group Tuition:

  • Students are able to share knowledge learn from others their mistakes and appreciate better understanding.
  • It is less stressful as compared to home tuition. For students who can’t learn under high level of stress, the feeling of stress can be overcome.
  • It is generally better for students who love to learn from others and more prone to stress.

So why should you opt for Home Tuition Singapore?

As far as the simplicity of suggesting your kid to enroll into private tuition, it is really harder to help your child to secure a place in group tuition as compared to home tuition. The reason is on the grounds that it is very deft since the kid needs to travel to the tutors place only at the time slot offered by the group tutor. Conversely for home tuition, you have a lot of teachers to choose from according to your time slot which better suits your needs.

Learning at home is unique in relation to learning in a school. The more open a child is in asking questions to his tutor he will be able to learn more quickly, so transforming learning into a fun and pleasant action is a tremendous advantage.

In view of the above reasons, if your child is weak in studies and is also shy to ask questions in front of others and he is in school or college and preparing for his final exams, then I would generally recommend home tuition for your child.

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