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Probable Applications of Synthetic Turf in the Modern Era

Artificial Grass

There are much benefits attached with alternating natural grass lawns with artificial putting greens. The primary reason is having time to enjoy with friends and family and doing what you like best instead of wasting that time in tending your garden space. Thus, in the UK the use of Artificial Grass has become rampant. Moreover, the options of synthetic turf which is now available in the market is UV resistant, conserves water, doesn’t need maintenance and most of all can potentially look good and the color stays intact for the entire year.

Most ranges of Artificial Turf is extremely versatile and thus has an all purpose usage feature. With the advent of this concept the turf started being used in sports field and pitches. It is only for the past few years that synthetic turf installations are being done in both commercial as well residential grounds. People are using these fake lawns to light up their outdoor and at times indoor area with a self –maintained round the year synthetic lawn.  It is a high rising modern trend that cafeterias and roof top restaurant owners are also opting for Artificial Grass to be installed on the surface.


Sporting grounds justifiably require a smooth green earthen surface for a lot of the game is dependent on the quality of the ground or pitch. So, there are many landscape designers that cater their services to many professional sporting fields. The range of turfs again varies according to the type of game. The one that will be suited to cricket can obviously not be meant for soccer.  There cannot be a better solution for the field of sports in modern times.


If a nursery and schools doesn’t have a well maintained earthy grass ground then what will? School is the place where kids can be themselves and will surely want to a natural ground to play during the recess period. But, the surface also has to be safe for children to play. Thus, synthetic turf is one of the safest solutions for the nurseries of today because they are also low maintenance products.


No more of investing time in watering and regular mowing. Isn’t it that only the mere thought of it is grandly tempting? Switch to Artificial green lawns and chill on the comfortable as well as low maintenance open air surface with your family and pets in the morning. With the fall of evening on weekends you can also chalk out barbecue parties at your place and have a wonderful time with friends at your front or backyard. Even if it rains, there is nothing to worry as it drys of quickly and there is no chance of the muddy mess.



In posh localities putting green is high fashion now. From pool sides to luxury patios, people are very much inclined towards Artificial Grass putting instead of natural grass due to previously stated obvious reasons of course. Enjoy a vibrant splash of greenery in your urban home or café with zero hassle.

Rest in Peace: Most Majestic Tombs in Delhi

Delhi is a place inundated with landmarks that have stood gloriously, since times immemorial. Rulers came, lines climbed, some fell, some vanquished, some gloated of their influence and riches, yet one thing that continued as before was the land on which they were constructed. One of the landmarks that we are examining in this area is the “tomb”, that represent death of the great personalities of the chronicled times of Delhi. These tombs store their serene remains, and today, are extraordinary traveler magnets, as well as symbolize the legacy that Delhi has kept up so well.


On the off chance that you are an energetic history buff, and can never get enough of the different mysteries, legends and actualities connected with the rural jewels of the past, then while you are in Delhi, ensure you visit the accompanying tombs. Take a direct Ranchi to Delhi train, and let the historian in you play freely!


Lodhi’s Tomb

Lodi Garden exemplifies an entire time of the Pashtun tradition that ruled over the larger part of Northern India in the midst of 16 CE. Studded with arches of the tombs of rulers from the Sayyid and Lodi ancestry, Lodi Garden is one of just a modest bunch couple of points of reference in Delhi which has seen incalculable eras sprawl through its territory. From a far separation you can perceive the tomb of Mohammed Shah, the most punctual of the tombs worked at the greenery enclosures in 1444, identifiable by its overhanging stone rooftop, octagonal structure with a focal chamber. Sikander Lodi’s tomb is the twofold domed, more diminutive structure in the north-west corner of the patio nursery.


Humayun’s Tomb

A World Heritage Site, the tomb of Mughal Emperor Humayun is known for its compositional miracle and significance. It was the essential patio nursery encased tomb in the Indian subcontinent and was the primary ever structure to use red sandstone on an unfathomable scale. The tomb remains in the focal point of a 30-section of land of encased patio nursery zone known as the Char Bagh or Four Gardens. As a part of the reconstructing attempts, around 12 hectares of the greenery enclosures around Humayun’s Tomb were replanted and more than 2500 trees and plants were planted.


Tomb of Adham Khan

Another representation of Mughal boorishness and valor, Adham Khan’s Tomb stands tall in Mehrauli Village. This tomb has a maze on its upper foyer along the vault and it isn’t hard to get lost here. This milestone, secured by the Archeological Survey of India, is at present close to open. As indicated by a couple of archeologists and history pros, a mystery section keeps running from Adham Khan’s Tomb to Agra! Woah!


Safdarjung Tomb

One of the last historic points to be worked by the Mughal style of greenery enclosure encased tombs, the Safdarjung tomb is among the most popular remembrances in Delhi. Safdarjung’s tomb is inherent the style of Humayun’s tomb, however costs not as much as that of the Mughal ruler. One can see inconceivable layouts and carvings on the marble and buff sandstones at the entryway of the rule mausoleum while the major path of the tomb is tremendous and shows fine expound delineations.


Khan-i-Khana’s Tomb

Khan-I-Khana’s Tomb, situated on Mathura Road in New Delhi, was worked by Mirza Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khana on his better half’s passing in 1598. He was later secured here in 1627. Mirza Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khana was a famous writer amid the season of the Mughal Emperor Akbar and was one of the essential nine ministers in his court. Red sandstone is the prime material used to fabricate the tomb.

These tombs are exemplary models of architecture and are built so intricately that not only today’s, but also the future generations will cherish their existence. So get an Indian Railway reservation, and explore these splendid spots of Delhi.

Four Wet and Wild Activities in Dubai

Dubai is the ideal summer holiday destination for beach bums, water sport fanatics and those who like warm and welcoming weather, as temperatures tend to soar into the high 30-degree Celsius range on a normal day, and sometimes much higher.

However, there are a number of fun wet and wild activities to keep both travellers and locals alike cool and comfortable while they enjoy the city.

If you are planning an upcoming holiday to Dubai and want to make sure that you indulge in a few fast and furious or relaxing wet and wild activities while you are there, why not check out and book one or two of the following water-based activities:

Kite Surfing

Dubai has its very own beach dedicated to Kite Surfing and other water sports, which is aptly named Kite Beach. Kite Beach is situated across from the Al Manara Road Junction and is a popular spot for both spectators and sportsmen and women alike.

There are a number of water sport operators spread out along the beach that stock the necessary equipment that you can rent, as well as provide lessons for newbies who are trying a sport for the first time, allowing you to take to the Arabian Gulf’s glistening waters.

Jet Skiing

The best spot to go jet skiing in Dubai is Ghantoot in Abu Dhabi – which only a short one-hour drive from Dubai’s city centre and well worth the drive, where you will find a private 7-kilometre stretch of blue water by the Blue Marlin Ibiza where you can let loose!

You can rent the Jet Ski from Jet Ski Dubai for half an hour or longer, and race your friends and family lap by lap, or take leisurely ride out onto the water and soak up the glorious views.

Once you’re done and have had your adrenaline fix, you can indulge in a delicious brunch or lunch at the Blue Marlin Ibiza to finish your day off.

Aquaventure Water Park

Adrenaline junkies and sun bathers alike will enjoy a day out to Aquaventure, a Dubai water park that is home to a number of record-breaking rides and slides suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

Split into two areas – The Tower of Neptune and The Tower of Poseidon – each area has an array of rides, from The Leap of Faith to the Aquaconda and some tamer rides and slides for the smaller members of the family, too.

What’s more, for those who prefer to relax there are a number of dedicated areas that are quiet and include sun loungers. There are a number of restaurants at the water park, too, ensuring you can grab a bite to eat whenever you’re peckish.

Scuba Diving

Dubai’s coast has a number of diving spots where you can explore wrecks, the natural underwater landscape and the inhabitants that call the Arabian Gulf their home.

You will take a short speed boat trip out into the Gulf before taking to the water to see an array of sea life, including moray eels, squid, octopus, and puffer fish, amongst other things.

If you have never gone diving before, there are an array of hotels and resorts where you can get your PADI diving qualification while on holiday.

There are so many ways you can cool off while visiting Dubai, which wet and wild activity would you indulge in?



Most Sought after Pilgrimages in North India

There is no limit to the scope of purpose and reasons to visit a place. Some visit for curiosity, some visit for the love of that place, some visit for relaxation, and then there are some who visit solely to connect with the divine. Since we are exclusively talking about the religious tourism in India, especially the Northern part, you should know that India is the only country in the world to have a heavy population for religious tourism. So let’s take a tour through the most sought after pilgrimages in North India.

Here is the list of the most revered, and awe-inspiring religious destinations in India that are not only intriguing for the local population, despite visiting innumerable times, but also attract a lot of footfall from the foreign tourists.

Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu & Kashmir: Located on the Trikuta Hills in Jammu, the dwelling place of Goddess Vaishno is amongst the most well known pilgrimages in India. Experience an intriguing pleasure undertaking the laborious trek that further prompts the caverns where the goddess nestles and gives innumerable blessings. Lovely scenery, invading godliness and exciting adventure, this is one excursion in India that will stay in your memory until the end of time. You can either look for the direct Delhi to Jammu cheap flights, or take the direct train to Jammu to encounter this divine experience.

Hemkund Sahib, Chamoli, Uttarakhand: Located at an altitude of 4,329 meters above the sea level, Hemkund Sahib is the highest gurudwara of Sikh Community. The gurudwara is sweared by the Sikhs as it is believed that the tenth master Guru Gobind Singh pondered at the very spot in his past birth. Other than being a religious site, it likewise pulls in a lot of nature lovers. Number of waterfalls, thick backwoods and seven peaks of Himalayan ranges, along with the clear lake water are sufficient to draw sightseers. Reaching Hemkund Sahib gurudwara is a perseverance trek as you have to walk 13 km to reach the main spot. A motorable road is accessible till Gobindghat, and after that travelers need to persevere through the harsh terrain as well as tolerate the altitude sickness.

Amarnath Cave, Jammu & Kashmir: The sacred Amarnath Cave is located in the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir, and can be reached only after a thorough trekking endeavor. The cavern holds significance as one of the antiquated journeys in India. According to a legend, Lord Shiva unveiled the mystery of interminability to his wife Goddess Parvati here, which was overheard by a pair of pigeons. It is additionally believed that even today, a pair of pigeon can be found in the cave. Amarnath is well known for the Shiva Linga that is made naturally by ice here consistently. The Amarnath Yatra is a yearly pilgrimage in which travelers are permitted to trek to the cave sanctuary.

  1. Mathura: Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, is the birthplace of Lord Krishna, and is known for its culture and heritage. Nearly connected with the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Krishna is said to have passed his youth and pre-adulthood in Braj. As indicated by the Garuda Purana, Mathura along with Ayodhya, Kasi, Avantika, Puri, Kanchi and Dwarka, are the seven destinations which grant moksha.
  2. Varanasi: The centre of faith for Hindus, Varanasi is a popular pilgrimage in India. Extraordinarily vivid and sacrosanct, the magnificence of Varanasi lies in the troop of aficionados who fill here each and every day different parts of the nation. The holy river Ganga, winding through the city without a doubt increases the holiness of Varanasi. Likewise, the Ganga Arti conducted formally every morning and evening adds to its divine charm.

So if you are someone visiting the northern part of the country for the first time, and are a spiritual traveller, then now you know where to set out for, right? Have a blessed time!