Bridge works: The Co-Working Space That You Need

Bridge works: The Co-Working Space That You Need

Bridge works is one of the best providers of co-working spaces. They are one of a kind since they can provide you with choices depending on your needs. Co-working spaces are now the trend for a person who wants to work away from home, like the freelancers. This is also perfect for teams where they would still want to work together, yet in an environment where it will still be fun.

            If you are looking to relocate your work space, then you need to consider Bridge works. Their spaces and offices are available 24/7. This means that you will get access to their spaces and amenities all throughout the day, all-year round. Here are what Bridge works can offer.

 Basic Coworking Spaces

            The Basic Coworking package is for $45 a month. This will provide you with 8 hours of work space access that can be available for 9 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays. Aside from this, you can also book a conference room out of your 9 options at a starting price of $25 per hour. This will be perfect for your private meetings.

            Bridgeworks will also let you use their private phone booths. The company also has a Mobile App Community where you can interact with other people who are a member of their coworking spaces. You can also visit to know more about their offers for a basic coworking space.

Unlimited Coworking Spaces

            For $450 a month, you will have an unlimited access to Bridge works anytime of the day, for the whole year. This means that you get to access Bridge works 24/7, during weekdays, including weekends. Like the Basic coworking package, you will also have an access to the private phone booths.

            They also have printers available if you need to print out a paperwork. You will be able to print 200 black and white pages, and 60 colored pages for a month. This package will also let you have access to any Bridge works events as well as mentorship. You can always take time to visit their Mobile App Community for any updates.

The Dedicated Desk

            If you need a private, lockable space, then you have to get a membership with the Dedicated Desk at Bridge works. This space is good for one person and it will come with a chair and a hand-crafted desk. This $650 a month membership will let you have unlimited access to your dedicated desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will also get 6 hours a month access to any of the 9 conference rooms and this will be for free.

             If you need to print anything, you can take advantage of their free printing offer which will be 200 black and white pages and 60 colored pages for a month. This membership package will also let you have access to the events of Bridge works as well as their mentorship offers.

If you need a coworking space, all you need to do is get in touch with Bridge works. They have everything that you need. Whether you want to work alone, or with other people, they can provide a perfect coworking space for you and your team.

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